Posted by: Heather | January 24, 2011

Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle

Hi All,

woke up at bit late, around 8:30, headed up to the information booth, bought ticket for the Jacobite tour company s tour of loch ness and urquhart castle and loch ness center.

the high point of traveling in january is no one else was there, so i had all three tour guides to myself.
the low point of traveling in january is my underarmer is a requirement. and gloves/hat/scarf. : )

Loch ness was a pretty cool loch, (you say it the same as lock, only a really soft k sound, hmmm…almost a through sound.) I took gummy warms to share with Nessie, but i guess, since i didn’t see him/her, the monster didn’t want any.

Urquhart Castle was a ruin. pretty cool but umm… see one very dead ruined pile of stones you’ve kinda seen them all.
so not sure if i’m going to be doing any more castles.

three things,
one- daddy your company is over here. I was going down the highway to Inverness and there was your elephant logo with ‘multilifts’ as the name and another logo with hiab. it made me smile.
two- when i was over here last time, I bought a little metle solider guy from the early knights time period, when the house burnt, i lost him, and was pretty up set b/c I didn’t expect to every get him back….But i am not very happy to say, He’s back. I found him with a few of his friends at westminster abbey. : )
third. I found the staple of my diet. three easy steeps. One add plane pasta to pot (with boiling water) when its about half way done, add a bullion cube stir and finish cooking. lastly spoon about a fourth a jar of the cheapest pasta sauce you could find into the bottom of a bowl, drain and lightly rinse pasta, add on top of sauce. then eat. yummm.

since i saw loch ness today, tomorrow i’m heading out to Culloden field. then i’ll finish exploring this city. since the 26th is some sort of holiday, i’m thinking of staying an extra night.
haggis tomorrow, was going to be tonight but i keep forgetting how soon everything closes down around here.

I’m really excited to know if i’m going to have my second niece or my first nephew…
love ya’s



  1. Maybe Nessie wanted gummy sharks? Sea-tac found your bag! Will pick it up tomorrow & get it to you ASAP! Have you peeked under the kilts yet? Luv ya! 🙂

    • Please send with a few washington post cards, and a phone card,
      thank you.
      Could add more food too, ; )
      love ya

    • No one is wearing kilts 😦
      send me gummy sharks 🙂 I’ll try.

  2. The real question was were they sour or normal gummy… maybe nessie has a preferance? Plus I think to catch her you gottamake a pole outta a really big stick and string and tie the gummy on 🙂 anyways sounds like you’re having fun! Oh and how’s the heat/cold gear… does it really work?

    • The underarmer cold/heat gear is amazing. When I’m heading out to do alot of hard walking I’ll but on the side that keeps me cool, but if I’m on buss’s I’ll but on the heat side and I’ll stay warm. Pretty cool.
      They where sour, since Nessie is a monster mabey I should have tryed gummiy bears. 🙂

  3. Google Earth showed a pretty cool castle close to your hostel. Hope you saw it. You are not the first person that has not caught Nessie, you may be the first to try gummy worms. Michelle is right about the pole and string. Pasta sounds good, and affordable.. Love ya bunches !!

  4. Were they possibly celebrating Robert Burns’ birthday? I think it’s sometime in January. Or, maybe it was a local celebration.

    Hope you got a chance to enjoy it.

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