Posted by: Heather | January 23, 2011

Thoughts on Different Cultures/ hi


was catching up on my journal and thought some of my comments in there would amuse some of you.

Every Londoner or at least, 9 of 10, weres a scarf.

Every Inverness-er or 9 of 10, smoke. walking down the street, talking to you, driving, …ect. their smoking.
Both places treat crossing walks as a joke. You want to cross the street, cross it.  I asked the shop owner whats the policy on j-walking, after explaining j-walking, he told me “children and tourist” are the only people “ment to use ‘um.” According to him everyone else has brains enought to get across the street with out being shown where it’s okay to do so.

Makes sence to me.

lets see …. what else…

oh, there are now three of us at the hostel, each in our own room. quite nice of them to do it that way.
It’s David and …and I forgot, (I forgot played rugby, think he took to many tackels or mabye its a scottish thing, either way all i could make out of what he ways saying was “rugby.” works for me,
Anyway David laughed when I said I took the bus up, i asked him what was so funny, he said none of the locals are dumb enough to ride on magabus, thats why the fares are so low. He said he’s been hearing stories about coaches breaking down, runs being cancled last minute.
Great stuff.
Think i’ll try the national line to skye.
which is where i’m thinking of heading next. Either there of edinbrough.

Now i’m sooo sleepy, I was afraid to fall asleep last night for fear that i would miss my stop. Think I got mabey 4 hours of sleep.

hang on, did you guys know that the key boards over here are different? Yeah, they are. this ” is on the number 2 abd number 3 has £.that and # is by enter. pretty weird.

oh, think i’ll take the local transit bus to lock ness tomorrow. and culloden feild.


Love ya’s



  1. Would love to see pictures of these places -you and Nessie, you and the ghosts at Colluden, your hostle (I’m picturing creepy allyways and water stained walls – prove me wrong), you peaking under kilts, your bus, your new friends and fellow rugby players, etc. (By “you” I mean you and Gumby.) Are the pictures posted somewhere yet?

    Keep having fun! Have a haggis!

  2. Glad you are having such a great time…Googled your hostel and when it came up ther were little stars to click on that brought up the castles and some other sights you would be seeing.. Very cool.. Love YA….

  3. Don’t eat Haggis!!!!!!

    Get a picture of the Loch Ness Monster for me (LOL)!! And, maybe one of a rugby player wearing a kilt – that should be fun to watch . . .

    Glad you are having a good time. Wishing I could be there to see all of this with you. Let us know if/when you get your pics posted.

    Have lots more fun!!

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