Posted by: Heather | January 23, 2011

london to inverness

First of all …I had proper fish and chips!!! yay. I love it the vinegar made it batter some how..

my bus ride was horrible. It left at 11:45 pm and I just arrived here at …”bazpackers backpackers hotel, staying here 3 nights”. Took a shower and was intending to add some of mine and gumbys adventure but, not allowed to download anything.

the wait at the bus/coach station was amusing. two very umm…plasterd…men of middle eastern decent passed out on the floor and got pretty belligerent about the cop wanting them to go away. their argument was that they had a ticket. They did in fact have on, leaving three days ago.

the bus from Glasgow wouldn’t start, so we had to wait and switch carriers. not too bad.
Scotland is just like washington only better.

umm… today is saturday. so i hope the girls are playing hard and do well. think i’ll call later. my later your earlier.

oh, i’m one of two people staying here tonight

now i’m off to buy food and take more non-postable pictures.

Love ya’s


P.s. i used spell check 🙂



  1. The vinager does help on Fish and Chips. Love turning on the computer and finding updates on your trip. Gumby will probably enjoy having 3 days to see the sights in one place. I agree wih Aunt Chris…no peeking under the kilts. Love you..continue having fun.. Tell Gumby to be safe !! =) =) =) =) don’t worry about the spell check, hearing from you is what counts.

  2. Pleasse tell me you peeked!!!! What’s under the kilts??!!!! Can’t wait for pictures! Be safe! Luv ya!

    • Mom- log off on your phone, when you post a comment on it, it says i’m saying it. pretty confusing. : )

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