Posted by: Heather | January 21, 2011


Okay, mixed feelings about London.
Up early went to the British libary. Saw magna carta, di vinces notebooks, jane austions letters. And more.

Next I saw the national portrate gallery,

Ok my brain is fried. I’m not spell checking, be happy Im doing a post. All I want is a shower and bed.

I saw the sunflowers. The ones in Mona Lisa smile, turners “the fighting… ” botticelli Venus and mars, someones “virgin of the rocks” and my personal favorite someones four elements.

After that I went to brough market, had lunch, went to Westminster Abby. Wow what an Abby. Going back tomorrow for matins.

After that I’m heading to the British muesum then .. I was going to that place I cant spell, by Stonehenge. But I’ll wait till moms hear.

Might head up to Inverness. If so I’ll be without wifi for 13ish hours.

If got 3 blisters and a red face from the wind.

Sending some post cards tomorrow
( mom I need those adresses) via facebook message. Plz.

Love ya’s


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