Posted by: Heather | January 21, 2011



it won’t let me respond to comments,
havnt had fish n chips… 😦 I cant find them! I’m going to ask around tomorrow. Same with blue soda gum? That’ll be a great conversation. Hehehe.

More $$$ s can be added to my tapco checking account.

I cashed in 200 us and it equaled 104 pounds..:(

the hostel … Let’s just say I payed extra for the locker for my entire bag and used the bug spray. Nice smell. Speriment and cloves,

Not all the spelling errors are me, I’m doing all if this with my right pointer finger. The buttons are smaller then my finger, if i want l or m i some times hit delete.

Not paying for the over priced glichy computers to upload pic’s. Next hostel i will.



  1. I thought you weren’t going back to England?! Have you seen any mimes yet? Don’t forget to give them pretend tips! 🙂

  2. It’s always a good idea to get the locker, and to sleep with your money
    Will let GGreatest know we can add money. Love You…Be Safe

  3. Sounds exciting so far. Em and I are reading this each night to keep up with you on your trip. The girls miss you at soccer. Have a great time and be safe.

  4. Just go in pretty much any pub and they have amazing fish and chips and the soda.. its in like a weird little bottle and comes in apple flavor too lol
    You met any interesting people yet?

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