Posted by: Heather | January 20, 2011


Had fun getting through customs, all those great questions.
Took the tube to Russell square and got my youth travel card.
Then I spent the next hour trying to find my hostel. I finaly went back to the youth card place and asked them for directions, I had been walking in front of it, there’s no sign.

Now I’m off to buy dinner then I’ll get the two days of travel grim off and head to bed. I’m sooo tired.

I love all the comments 🙂



  1. Maybe mom should have gotten you a GPS instead of a language translator. 🙂 Glad you finally found it, and hopefully you enjoyed some amazing fish and chips for dinner!

  2. Remember, you are old enough to drink there!!! Get some rest – then off on your amazing trek! I am totally jealous that I never did the backpacking through Europe thing – Enjoy!!!!

  3. Hi So you are an offical visitor now. Hope you had a good bath/shower and a good nights sleep. Did you get my last note telling you about the ATM machine and free tickets to a soccer gam in Germany? Miss you and love you Papa & Grandma

  4. Soccer gams & travel grim? I really wish you’d gotten your dad’s built in compass! Sorry we missed your call, I dreamed I heard the phone, checked when we woke up and saw the missed call 😦 Be safe. Luv ya!

  5. Hey you made it! Make sure to try and find this funny blue bubblegum soda lol they had it everywhere when I went and its pretty good! And hows the hostile?

  6. PaPa says be safe and that he wishes he was there. We all miss you. Grandma Greatest sends her love & like Auntie M wants to know if there is a way to add to your travel funds. Take care!!!! Have fun.

  7. Note to self: next time Heather takes a trip, buy her a GPS — and a spell checker.

    You probably gave all the staff monitoring the CC TV footage a good laugh (I know Uncle Terry had a good chuckle when he heard).

    Hope you had a good dinner – fish and chips in oily newspaper? – and a good night’s sleep. (Don’t let the bed bugs bite!) Looking forward to your next posting.

    Love ya.

  8. Hey! Hope you’re having fun! I need an address where you’ll be in a week so I can send you’re stuff. Let me know ASAP! Luv ya!

    • Ha, found out how to reply,
      guess who ownes the hostel? Russins. No joke.
      Will let you know about hostel as soon as I book one for Inverness.
      I’ll try calling today. My today not your today.
      Love ya

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