Posted by: Heather | January 19, 2011


I arrive at seatac, worried b/c I’m pushing 2 hours before my flight,
when I go to print my tickets it says no tickets were found. That’s what everyone wants to hear right?
I go find an employee, she says to get in line. After I make my way though the HUGE line, I have a very nice lady ( who used to work in sweeden) tell me that the self print things only work on national flights.

Getting through sercurity is SLOW, and I lost my lotion. Well I didn’t lose it, she took it.

Having fun already.



  1. Dearest Heather we miss you already and it’s only1pm here. What a way to start your journey. Love Papa & Grandma

  2. U need to learn how to get threw security like me “dumby”

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