Posted by: Heather | April 14, 2011

London Sights


We’re in london.
Today we did all the usual sights, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Tower Hill, Hyde Park, Westminster Abby, London Eye and mom made sure we saw the white chapel area…(Jack the Ripper’s area)
We saw all this via hop on-hop off bus and the hop on-hop off boat. Ummm.. My favorite place was the Abby. I’ve seen a lot since I came over and Westminster Abby is on my Top five list.

Tomorrow we’ve booked a day tip to Stonehenge and Bath. Should be fun ūüôā

Sad to say but most of my adventures have blurred together, jumbles of sights, exciting mixtures of foods, the happy oblivion of different hostel beds coupled with the faces of the people I have shared laughs, food, stories and favorite scams with. 

I remember so many things, odd things too. The horrible phone booth, the nightbus to berlin, walking through the rain in Barcelona laughing like a loon, Fajita Tacos with Kiristain and Rylan, Having a beer with Catie, Black sand beach in Santorini, Finding the edge of the city in Venice. My accidental service in Westminster, Tate modern and the Top Gun Peice, Alice the tour guide for lock ness, laughing till i cried with my two roomies from CA, Potato and Sausage Pizza in Rome, Learning to make Sangreai and more recently very sore feet while exploring  Versailles.

All right, Enough babbling for one night. ūüôā
Love ya’s

Posted by: Heather | April 10, 2011

Paris….No Sleep And Day One

We boarded the bus, got good-ish seats. The bus was a double decker style with the bottom part being for bags and the top for people. The Area with the most leg room was taken over by short asians….not sure how they managed that..
Mom insisted on having the window..then fell asleep leaning words me…I on the other hand couldn’t fall asleep. I don’t know if it was her snorring, the motions of the bus, or just the general un-cozeyness of the seats. Around 0013 we all had to file off the bus to pass through passport control. Then about 20 minutes later, we had to get off again to board the ferry…then back on the bus, on and on….I got quite grumpy with no sleep. (If you use the window to sleep…you should get the window) ūüôā
When we arrived in paris I already knew what metro lines to take so that part was easy. Our hostel is called the plug-in….anyway then we got off the metro, our first sight is Moulin Rouge. The hostel is only a two blocks away. One up and one over.
I made the reservations before leaving yesterday morning…Only problem is that i made them for the 12-14th..So when we stumbled in at 6am there was no booking for us…Joy
We’ve got that fixed, but the check in is at 3pm. Im so tired!

I want food.

Talk to you later
Love Ya’s

Hi Again, Its later, 1807 to be exact.
My brain is fried.

We saw the Eiffle Tower, The Louve and Notre Dame.
All were great.

okay, the first one and the third one are of my favorite painting, The Crowning of Josphein, The Secound one is From the inside of Notra Dame, The forth one is of Edinburgh Castle at sunset, The Elephant one is from the Elephant house cafe, The next two are of Inverness. The Last one is of Gumby and Pokey at the Clifs of Moher.
I will make my entire two thousand pictures avaliable online when i get back. Im having a hard time getting time to load them here.

Love ya’s!

Posted by: Heather | April 9, 2011



Today we hoped on the train to london…and in a few minute we’re off to check in for our overnight to paris.

Dinner was fish’n’chips…not quite as good as some ive had, but still yummy.

ummm…Yep that was it really,
Love ya’s

I’ll do a better post when we reach paris and check into the hostel. im so excited to order in french!!

For our last day in Invernss we headed out to cullden battlefeild, (since my time on this ie really short and expencive, you’re jsut going to get the abridged version)
My audio guide stoped working about the same place as i heard the footsteps last time. I didnt notice at the time, But i did notice when you where at the well of the dead/well of the souls that my moms was talking and mine wasnt. So i tryed to turn it back on, i shook it, i shook it harder..nothing. A dead battery. Just my luck. ūüôā
We kept on going and as we where leaving the battlefeild i turned back and said Bye Bye Ghostys. Then my Audio Guide turned back on. With a full battery.
Does anyone know what ghost hunters group investigated this place? Would love to see it….From a very far distance…
I think mom was a bit put out that she didnt have anyone mass with her guide.

After the battlefeild, we took the bus back to inverness, grabed out gear and caught the next train to Edinburgh. We arrived, (amazing..right?) checked in and slept great.
Love ya’s!

That was a post that i saved to drafts rather then post…oops. sorry
Today mom  explored the castle,. followed by tea and shortbead at elephant house..the birthplace of harry potter..then a side trip to roslyn church..the last church in the (Da Vinchi Code)..we got back and realised that we had forgotten to buy contact sulution..another oops. We spent the last hour looking for some, but no luck. Mom is out on the Ghost tour, im going to eat, shower then crash.
Today was fun, I’m glad i waited to do roslyn church since mom enjoyed it

Tomorrow¬† we’ve got an 1.30 train to london (king cross station…hehehe) then a short tube ride to Victoria station for our overnight bus to Paris…

Love ya’s

Posted by: Heather | April 6, 2011

My last night in Inverness.

Enjoyed sleeping in. ūüôā
We headed put to the ladies walk. Try and picture a narrow paved trail winding through trees along the river Ness with bridges and benches in the victorian style. It’s been one of my favorite places on this trip.
After the walk we headed over to the history/genology place. Looked up the Ross clan. Amusing start to the clan.

So far on my adventures I’ve collected odd bits here and there, nothing big, but these items have grown in numbers and their collective size is getting to large to continue to squese into my pack. I mailed a box with the few items mom had aquired so far. It should be arriving home before me. DO NOT OPEN! Thanks.
I took mom out for dinner at Castle Resturant. I had haggis again while sge had the daily special of samon. Mom had one bite of haggis and agreed with me in saying it tasted like meatloaf.
We headed back to the hostel and planed put the rest of the train/bus travel. Tomorrow we’re heading out to cullden battlefeild, then taking the train to edinburgh.

I’m sad sitting here knowing that tonight is my last night in Inverness. I’ll be back again someday. It’s such a lovely place.
*Grandma- I’m going to be buying the teacups in Edinburgh. : ) I haven’t forgotten.
* Daddy- we’ve ran out of beef jerky. It was really good! A bit greasy, bit very yummy. Thanks!

Love ya’s

Posted by: Heather | April 5, 2011

Planes, taxis, buses, trains and boats.

We started off our day with a early taxi ride to the airport. My blue monster (pack) had to be checked.
It was really cold so I found a heat vent and slept on top while I waited for the plane.
We landed in Edinburgh around 8:30ish. Took the bus to the city center, then decided to take the train to Inverness. By 2pm we had checked into my favorite hostel. Bazpackers Backpackers Hotel. Since we could still function (more or less) we headed out to see lock ness. Sad to say we didn’t see Nessie this time either. We even brough carmel eggs for her. : )
After the tour we stoped off at the co op and bought dinner.
It’s barely 6:30 but I’m heading up to the room to shower and crash.
Is it just me, or does flying make everone feel like they need a shower?

Love ya’s

Posted by: Heather | April 3, 2011

Dublin day Two and Plans

I’m tired
We went on the cliffs of moher tour today. I’ve been wanting to see then since I learned about them with people to people. Sadly I wasn’t able to see them last time as that part from our trip was cut out.
The cliffs are amazing. We also stopes at the burren. Aka the moon. It’s a bit of land that durring the pre ice age time, was the sea floor under the equater. There are bits of plants from every climate there.
As funny side note, my first sight as a people to people person was bruttany castle. Our PaddyWagon Tour stoped there today as our first stop.
It was a great day, and we’re heading off tomorrow at 6:30 to do the blarney stone tour.
I found us semi-reasonable tickets to Edinburgh for Tuesday. Sad part is the flight leaves at 5am meaning we have to be there at 3, so we’re leaving the hostel at 2:30 am. I think I might cry. That’s way to early to be up.

Love ya’s

Posted by: Heather | April 2, 2011

Dublin in One day….

we headed out to the book of kells bright and early. too early. so we hung around till it opened. I remembered the book from my last visit to ireland, mom thought it was really cool.
After she dragged me to the archeology museum.¬† We saw everything there. The mummy was a bit much for me. ewww…
then we saw christ church cathederal. I loved it! Lots of great pictures..Mommy liked it so, mainly the stained glass and architure.
Then we marched on to Dublin Castle. yep jokes on us, since you cant get into the castle. we just wandered around looking for the door. oops.
City hall was an accidental find on our wandering tour. the city hall was where they read the decloration of irish independance. then they got shot. you can still see the sharapnel…everywhere.
St. Patricks catherdal was nice but i liked christ church better, Mom did too. thought the park attached was a lovley addition.
next we did the amazing tour of Guinness. All eight stories of it. taste testing was okay. amusingly enought it tasted like beer. go figure right?
After Guinness we hopped on a bus did a drive by tour of Phoenix Park.  We got soaked on the way back to the hostel.
Just finished dinner of pasta. yum.
Now we’re off to book our tour of the Cliffs of Moher. I’m really excited! But im tired too, not nearly as tired as mom who is falling asleep reading this over my shoulder. Poor out of shape mommy.
She loved the Irish Ghost Stories I bought her for motheres day, which is tomorrow. Naturally.    : )
Love ya’s

Posted by: Heather | March 31, 2011

Post, Queen of Tarts and Wind


I headed out today to the General Post Office, the GPO was headquarters of the “Irish Volunteers durriing the Easter Rising of 1916”,¬† its front steeps were where Padraic Pearse read out the proclamation of the Irish Republic. You can see the shrapnel still in the columns.
i went in an asked how much it would cost to send a box home…
After that I headed over to the temple bar area and found a little tea shop called the Queen of Tarts. I went in and had a very yummy tea and lemon merange pie/treat.
I walked to Phoenix Park, about one mile from the center. Its home to the Irish president and the American Ambassador . I really enjoyed walking around the park. My hair was down but kept out of my face by a headband, But the wind was very playful and kept blowing my hair into my face. It was lovely to sit on a huge tree stump and people watch.

The picture of the stained glass of from the sagrata familia in barcelona,

After the park, i wandered back twords the hostel and found a great little bookshop, The Winding Stair. Bought a awsome book, Irish teatime recipes, then found the perfect moms day gift…Which i¬† cant tell you about in case she reads this…
I found a very nice place to  up load some pictures, just a few of my close to two thousand pictures..Facebook has a few more then i could show here.

Love ya’s!

Posted by: Heather | March 30, 2011

Airports, Badges and Camera

Hey guys!

I made it to the airport okay, I got off a stop early on train to the airport. good thing i planned for that ūüôā
The flight people made me check my bag. First time ive had to do that. But everything worked out okay. 

I landed in dublin at 12. 10, and had to wait till 5:40 for the busses to start running.  So i found a nice chair, held my little bag and used my big bag as a pillow. I slept that way for a few minuts here and there.  When I work up at 4:30 ish I had the thought that if there was an orginazation that gave out badges for traveling, I would have earned the Sleeping in Airports Badge. My mind gets funny when im sleep deprived.

I realized that I misplaced my directions around 5:20. Good thing I memorize the directions before i leave. I knew where I was going, knew the street names, but didnt know where they were in relations to the other streets. I found the hostel in five minutes so i guess everything worked out. Walking around dublin in the dark/pre dawn time was great! you could feel the promise of heat for the upcomming day, but it was still cool out. its a summer feeling. I was asked twice if i needed any help finding my way. Not by nutters, once was by a buss driver another was an man out walking his dog. i had forgotten that the people here are that welcoming.

As promised, I checked in, slept a few hours then maed my proiroty gtting pictures up. But I cant do it on the provided computers…grrrr.
There are a few internet places i noticed onthe way in last night, so after getting somethign to eat, i’ll got see if they work. My camera is acting odd, im afraid ive damanaged it in some way.¬† ūüė¶ But we’ll see.

Love Ya’s

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